Enterlogic was originally a development and education resource based in Gothenburg the early 2000, focusing on bleeding edge technology at the time. We mainly worked on high end UNIX and Linux systems, including virtual machines, as well as the emerging IoT markets. Since then we’ve worked closely with a number of partners, delivering advanced IT-solutions in the Cloud, On Prem and in Hybrid scenarios as well as hardened systems with very high security requirements.

Lately focus has been on research and science within the academic community. Enabling Machine Learning and AI together with the emerging Quantum Computing that we’re convinced will change the world we currently live in. Web presence has never been a priority, the current pages are mostly dedicated to our community engagement.

As computer enthusiasts we pay homage to our legacy by helping hobbyist designers realise their dreams by providing support and a platform to ‘spread the love’.

You can find some of these on our Projects page.

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful support and love from the retro community and friends. Thank you all for making all this reality!

For business inquires please send an email to info @ company domain.