Firmware update for Denise

We’re happy to inform you that a new firmware update is available for Denise.

The new firmware can be flashed directly on Denise with the onboard ISP header using a standard AVR ISP mkII (compatible) programmer. Programming AVR is super easy! You can even use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi as a programmer.

Check out YouTube for lots of tutorials, and join us on the Retro Tinkering Discord server for assistance and moral support. Details about programming the firmware, fuse bits etc. are available in the firmware archive available in our customer download section.

The most important changes in the new (1.2) release are:

  • Keyboard type is detected at “Soft Power On” instead of MainsPower Supply On.
  • Rewritten PS/2 routines with improved compatibility with some troublesome USB/PS2-keyboards.
  • Improved error handling preventing the MCU from hanging if something goes wrong.
  • PS/2 keyboards normally controls typematic rate, this has been worked around and now the MCU emulates an Amiga-keyboard behavior thus letting the Operating System control typematic rate instead.
  • Fixed a bug that affected some games that don’t use OS-functions to read the keyboard to now work properly.